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I am sharing Best TIPS: Affiliate Marketing my courses and bloggs all thousands of hours research and practical experiences I will provide brief specific jargon free information| I will provide details of 1) what is Affiliate Marketing 2) Why Affiliate Marketing is great 3)Exact step to be taking for high earning website 4) how to find and choose right affiliate marketing 5) How to Increase conversions sales funnel marketing and website ranking SEO 6) How to build followers trust and stick on your website and come again and again and brand building 7) About the contract discloser legal terms and conditions ,banking ,hosting place and speed 8) Mailing and repeating mailing 9) Mail Chimp and other mailing 10) CRM and content management Paid or Non paid own Content managements 11) Kajabi Teachable,Thinkfic,Podia ,Clickfunnel Groove Funnel 12} SEO SEMRUSH ,MOZ 13)Different strategy for Physical products and Soft Liquid Products ,which products more commission,14)Pinterest affiliate Marketing 15) how to use Social Marketing,FaYoutube,Instagram,Linkedin,Tiktok ,Whatsapp Pinterest WHAT IS SEO: Well SEO is search Engine optimizer and there are Leading SEO Companies like 1)SEMRUSH 2) MOZ 3) NEIL PATEL SEO experts are experts who knows how to Websites Ranking in Google . Content :you dont need thousands of well defined contents all you need EASY BULLETS POINT.TO THE POINT.JUST IMAGINE ONE MR JOHN, INCOME

.I did not put original name but its case study his one month Income as follows.

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Personal Finance is the Financial Management which an Individual or Family perform budget savings Investment Income Expenses | Money Resources over time and taking info account various financial risk and future life events | Personal finance thousands of Books and training courses and many professional Institutes but its all about how save money how to spend better | Reduce expenses and Increase income this two Important | Expenses Reduce and Increase Income|

Australia : Australia 6 States Tasmania North south wales Ashmore and Cartier Islands Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands Australian Capital Territory | Western Australia | Cocos Island |

New South Wales Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Western Australia | Personal Finance I will write more about Credit Cards Personal Loan Home Loans Car Loans | Best Credit Cards in Australia CITI Reward CreditCard HSBC Platinum Credit Card Great Southern Bank Credit Card CITI Rewards ANZ Frequent Flyer | NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Credit Card | Bank West ZERO Platinum Mastercard | Virgin Money No Annual Fee Credit Card | Smart Strategies for 1) Banking 2) Budgeting 3) Loans 4) Credit 5) Renting 6) Buying 7) Retirement 8) Insurance 9) Taxes 10) wealth creation 11) Savings 12) Investing 13) Expenses reducing 14) Income Increasing 15) Jobs |

Matin Chowdhury Advise on Personal Finance : Reduced cost & Increase your Income | Reduced expenses important not to do buying spree until it necessary | and also check every avenue to buy best price as shop to shop or credit card to Credit card different rates APR etc | Be an owner of Stocks shares Property websites Products business | its multiply and now opportunities earn multiples source jobs investment online partime writing on online apps | Training courses and promote other companies products as Affiliate Marketer | Websites you can buy or you can build from scratches | Your goal to earn money 24/7 even you are not around its all Automatic | You have to invest with risk and risk free like Bond Government bond fixed Income | Stock Index funds REIT Index funds Website dropshipping Amazon Affiliate ETC | reducing expenses very important | buying now its tough | Be a owner of assets which produce income for you even if you sleeping| Like a house if you own you can earn rental Income or if you have stock share then you can earn dividend or an Investment in Bank savings you can earn yearly interest | spend money wisely and sparingly |

Personal Finance means managing your money as well as savings and Investment | its within Budgeting Banking Insurance Mortgage Investments retirement Planning Taxes Estate Planning individuals and household financial and Investment Opportunities | Personal finance about meeting personal financial goals short term financial gain or childrens educatin plan or retirements or some extra income | its all depends income expenses savings financial literate and make smart decisions | Smart personal finance involved budgeting creating an emergency fund paying off debt using credit cards wisely savings for retirement etc | A budget is essential income and expenses and future plan | living essential rent utilities groceries transport etc |

I will write personal finance details of following countries Australia Canada USA UK New Zealand Germany Switzerland Italy China Japan UAE Thailand | I will write personal Finance industry main companies and their benefits Pros and cons|

Personal Finance Saving Money | New Zealand TOP 7 | Saving saving important | Paying yourself an certain amount and NO touche like Children,s PIGGY BANK or save some money in Saving Accounts | Savings Account | Emergency fund a fund regular put your savings or savings in the bank | We have many emergency things happened in our life | High Interest Savings and never withdraw |

NEW ZEALAND : New Zealand Financial educations very strong and awereness of savings budgets income earning and expenses frugal lifestyle investment stock share bitoin | Money pension services retirement | Passive Income | Financial Freedom and Independence and increase income and reduce Expenses | cheap and frugal lifestyle is not same | cut your cloths according to your size | spend money on depends your income and save money for rainy days | Also Protection important like Insurance any time any thing happened |like House insurance car insurance content insurance life insurance Critical insurance | Also invest in INDEX FUND VANGUARD | Ishare ETF Managed by Blackrock | Index annual fees around 0.10% so like 1% in every 1000 Dollar Investment | KIWIS can Invest in the VANGUARD INDEX FUND | Multiple Index Fund that can invest in| Platforms like investNOW Smartshare Superlife and Trading platform such as Hatch ASB ANZ securities | InvestNOW a great platform and 100s of Opportunities | InvestNOW some funds name as follows: AMP Capital Antipodes AZN Investment APN Property groups Devon Funds Elevation Capital Fisher Funds Harbour Assets Management Hunter Investment Management India Avenue Investment Management LEGG MASON Global Assets Management Milford Mint Asset Management Morphic Asset Management NIKKO AM Asset Management Path Finder Invest Responsibley PIE Funds Platinum Asset Management QUAYSTREET Asset Management Russel Investments SALT Smartshares NZX Group VANGUARD | VANGUARD SMARTSHARE can invest other countries can contact them Directly | Vanguard invest by Superlife ,another investment platform | Smartshares VS Superlife office in Aucland | Disclosure I have no link with any above company at present so NO conflict of Interest | Also another Platform Simplicity and its a nonprofit ethical fund Manager | Another platform Vanguard by Sharesies in Wellington | Hatch a great Platform and can invest Nasdaq and New York Exchanes | New Zealand great Platforms Pocketsmith Sharesight Sharesies Hatch Kernel Book Depository Mighty Ape Clearly |

NEW ZEALAND leading Mortgage Lender : ANZ ASB Bank of Baroda Bank of China BNZ China Construction Bank Co-operative Bank Heartland Bank HSBC ICBC KIWIBANK Kookmin SBS TSB Westpac banks | Please google directly talk to them Directly| Check out the related mortgage fee like Establishment fee service fee Legal & Settlement fees Discharge fee Early Repayment fee Feature Fees |

Easy Crypto can KIWI peoples buy bitcoin and other crypto currencies ,purches can be within minutes | Also can use EXODUS a basic on your mobile multi-currency wallet | Currency transfer can use TransferWise | Cheapest Car Insurance Provider one of them COVE | canvisit crypto.com | from Easy Crypto Bitcoin Crypto can buy and sell |

Investment Platform : InvestNOW Sharesies Simplicity SmartSecurities|

POCKETSMITH.COM its a personal finance software in New Zealand for money savvy KIWI | worldclass budgeting software built in NEW ZEALAND |

How to manage your money like Sacrifice today for the Future | Create few financial goal and target | Increase income dcrease expenses reach investment goal minimise Car Insurance and minimise other expenses | Some of the goal targetted like Mortgage reduce goal Creadit card loan reduce goal and Increase Income | Visit Pocketsmith Sharessight Sharesies Hatch Kernel Book Depository Mighty Ape Clearly | Family first always have an emergency fund

Savings Retirement and later life its very important question and we think it open mind and plan | Save some money invest share market | fixed deposit bond ISA and other plan | Invest for Long term and short term | Financial Independence very important so first out of debt loan and Pay check and all installment buying | Dig out of deep debt that is very Important | before thinking buy a boat think first pay out mortgage and own the Property own house | Road lead country house so just start and begin and road lead you in your destination | Learn some skill like Copy writing Proof Reading Transcription Social Media Management Graphic Design Web design Computer Programming software development Video and Audio Editing Project Management Public Speaking Become a Realtor Consulting Business Coaching Book Keeping Blogging Vlogging Podcasting Affiliate Marketing Creating an Online course Writing an Ebook Amazon Selling

Australia Personal Finance Blogging : Personal Finance Frugal Living Insurance Credit card Debt Loan Debt Managemnt Career Jobs | You need a budget in personal life | after University debt and interest and all liability young life made troubles so needed control | Important manage Bank Accounts Overdrafts as if overdraft payment one miss then hefty penalty | Student loan ok if manage and pay in your ability | loan is not bad if loan money is use properly and use further income earning way |