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Jobs all over the world. mainly Dubai ,Middle East ,America ,Canada ,UK and Europe ,Australia and Japan and Hospital sector to marketing sales admin consultancy . I have hundreds of job vacancies information in Canada ,Dubai ,UK, Romania, Newzealand, America and other countries.Canada Harvest worker ,farm worker Fruits picker Information|| UK point based jobs information ||Romanian Farm Worker || Italy Spain Portugal Agricultural workers Information. I will write CanadaImmigration | Canada Visa Information || Project Canada ||Canadaworkpermit || Canada Fruit Picker | Canada job one website www.jobbank.ge.ca Harvesting Labour in British Columbia.

DUBAI JOB : Dubai Security Job | Nurse Job | Hospitality Job | Hospital Job | Shopping Centre job| Restaurant Job | five Star Hotel Job | Office Job | Sales Marketing Management Job | I will provide the List Address contcat person Job deails|

For Engineering work | Khansaheb.ae email fm.hr@khansaheb.ae varous Engineering Job Opportunities.please contact them Directly.Also yourfuture@khansaheb.ae building Plumbing | Electrical | HVAC | Little Brief History of KHANSAHEB was established 1935 Founded by Khansaheb Hussain bin Hassaan Amad

Dubai Intercontinental Merina AE Recruiting Please visit www.ihg.com online google then go Dubai and then find your suitable Jobs and directly online apply | Burj Al Arab | The Canvas Hotel Dubai | Grand Hayat Dubai | Four Seasons Resort Dubai | Jumeirah Al Naseem | Habtoor Palace Dubai | Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel | Jumeirah Al Qasr | Palazzo Versace Dubai | Hotel Raffles Dubai | Jumeirah Mina Kempinski Hotel mall

I will write more about Dubai Jobs please visit my all pages and comments and email if you need any specific requirements |

Canada Jobs how you get easily | first important you prepared a very nice Profile in Linkedin | Its very important as now many employers search in Linkedin | Canada jobs can apply online and can apply Directly | Networking skill very Important | Canada a huge demand for digital and Digital Marketing and IT related jobs like Web development ,Apps ,E-commerce ,Data Management,Data entry, Product Managers, Supply Managers, etc in high Demand| Canada IT Developers| IT Consultant | Tech Professionals huge Demand | Retail Support | RetailStaff| jobs Like Tim Hortons Dollarama |Walmart like stores| Canada a huge demands for Long Haul Truck Driver | DElivery Drivers Truck Drivers | Class A or Class D driving License | Long Haul truck driver drive which cross borders Canada and USA borders and salary app 150000 canadian Dollar Yearly | Canada Many Provinve different job demand like Ontario IT TECH ,Banking,Marketing,Finance HealthCare | and Alberto for Travelling & Touring Jobs, Oil and Gas Industry Energy Alberto for best jobs in this sectors |

How you get a Job in Canada | Increase your networking & REferences in Canada |Open a good profile in Linkedin and contact your friends and relatives in Canada | Networking and Building a contact with social media friends and families | Is Canadian Work Experience Really Necessary ? NoT Really ! You can definitely be employed your already gain soft skill and your previous Experiences |Also many employer they give new comer fair chance and also train in work | Adapt your soft skilled and technical know how and canadian terminology | Upscaling your knowledge and technical ability | Ready for even lower position or salary down until you proved yourself | Dont be Pricky for particular job title or positions Develop a very good profile in Linkedin and connect with Jobbank ,Monster or Indeed| your profile in Linkedin Specific narrow and niche | you can not say you do everything | Your Linkedin profile specific your all work experiences related to specific job descriptions | Positive Recommendationss from your previous employers| Canadian Format Resume | skillsyncer.com| jobscan.com | You have to make sure that your resume is drafted according to the job description that you are applying for | Dont apply every position in a company | Company home work very important and learn fully about Job description |

Canada job now 2021 Demand |Web Developer Average 70K Canadian Dollar NOC Code :2175 its very Important when apply please search NOC code job description | HR Manager Average Salary 90K per Year NOC Code 0112 | Electrical Engineer Average Salary 92K Pr year NOC code 2133 | Veterianarian Average salary 97K Per year and NOC CODE 3114 | Financial Advisor Average Salary 70K per Year NOC Code 0111 and 1114 |Pharmacist Average salary 95K per year NOC Code 3131 | General Labours Average Salary 55K per year and NOC code 7611 | Adminstrative Assistant Average salary 50K Per year and NOC Code 1241 | Project Manager Average salary 95K per year and NOC code 0211 0213 0711 1221 | Merchandiser Average Salary 55K per year and NOC code 6222 | Driver there are many driver like Truck driver delivery driver fork lift driver long haul driver commercial driver Average salary variant around 50K per year NOC code 7511 7521 7452 | Account Manager Average Salary 95K per year its mainly sales role and NOC code 4163 |Accountant Average salary 70K per year and NOC CODE 0111 and 1111 | Registered Nurse is very demandable position Average Salary 85K Per Year NOC Code 3012 | Software Engineer Average 110K Per Year NOC Code 2173 | Sales Associates Average salary 60K per year and NOC Code 6411 | Optician Average Salary around 50K per year and NOC code 3231 |

getting a Job visa permit is much faster then EE express entry or PNP program and much easy to migrate Canada | Work permit lead to Work Experience in Canada to Apply for your Permanent Residency in Canada | Canada Tourist Visa Basic Documents 1.Application Form Signed by the Application 2.Original Passport at least 6 months Valid colour photocopy first second page where your Biodata of Passport including all stamped VISA 3. Old and expired passport if you have 4. Photograph 5.Copy of National ID card 6. Letter of Employment 7. Bank statement its very important proof of your financial Transaction at least last 6 months proof of your salary coming in your bank and you have enough money to spend in Canada | daily 80 Dollar Canadian spending ability | Hotel Booking information and other supporting documents | Important documents financial statement |

ONTARIO IMMIGRATION NOMINATION PROGRAM : OINP| Tech Pilot Programm | OINP Tech Pilot Draws ? its OINPs Human Capital Priorities |Main aim to help Ontarion Employers in the Tech sector fulfill their labour Market needs |Eligible Candidates need to have a valid Express entry Profile | How do OINP Tech Pilot Draws work |If you meet HCP stream requirements & you have the necessary work experience fromTargeted NOC code OINP will send you an NOI ( Notification of Interest ) in your IRCC account | You then have 45 days to submit your complete application ,Documents & pay your PNP fees | If you are accepted then you will be receive a Nomination letter & an OINP Nomination Certificate by email | Yu can then Upload the Nomination Certificate along with your PR application and you will get 600 CRS point for your PNP which will guarantee you are picked in the next express Entry draw | the whole process transparent and fair and you can check your application at every stage using your OINP e-filling portal| Total cost of this 1500 Canadian Dollars and the fees is Non Refundable | Make sure you dont do any mistake | Who can Apply ? you must have an active Express entry Profile as candidates are picked from the Express Entry Pool| You will need your ECA & Language Test reports in order to create your Express Entry Profile | Work Experience very important at least one year paid work of your targeted NOC course | Education : you need at least Bachelor .s Master.s or PhD or an ECA evaluation of your education from your home country to Prove that your education equivalent to a Canadian Education | Laguage test CLB7 IELTS CELPIP TEF tests | Proof of fund you and family members even if they not flying with you | Fund is test that you and your familly can sustain | If you applying from Canada then you will be legally either on a visitor or a study work permit | Federal Skilled worker program FSWP points you need to have 67 human factors point based on education Language skills Work Experience Age Job offer and adaptability | How you can apply for the OINP Tech Pilot | Get your ECA & Language Test Beforehand in order to create your express entry profile |IF they select they willl send you NOI | After receive your NOI you can apply using the OINP e-Filling Portal | You just get 45 days after receiving your NOI from OINP to submit all your documens & pay your Fee |

ONLINE UPDATES CAN: Udemey course | Usera | Skillshare | and many free and paid courses |