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This website is built by Muhammad Abdul Matin Chowdhury a British Financial Consultant, who has 25 years experiences in Financial Advise, Forex stock Market Commodities derivatives Options Stock Exchanges Personal Finance Investment Insurance Banking Forex Technical Analysis . and from 1999 a passionate about new media internet algorithm SEO Affiliate marketing Freelancing,Blogging Social Media digital Marketing ecommrce and mainly concentrating on finance money personal finance.How to earn money online affiliate Marketing Forex Technical Analysis and charting.Mr Chowdhury has many professional Qualifications and Academic Qualifications and almost 30 years Practical experiences financial world Corporate world Consultancy and Personal Finance and Investment. now Geniussuperman.com manage by a team of IT Finance Consultancy digital marketing SEO Experts under the leadership of Mr Chowdhury .our aim & objective Digital Marketing & Affiliate Marketing & freelancing in Internet online expansion.

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Muhammad Chowdhury, LONDON